Nepotism in Tollywood

2 months ago | By harshapagilla

Nepotism: The practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, especially by giving them jobs.

Yesterday a movie named Dorasani pre-release event took place. The lead cast of the movie are Young sensation Vijay Devarakonda's brother Anand Devarakonda and Veteran hero Dr.Rajasekhar daughter Shivathmika. Both Vijay and Rajasekhar spoke highly about their respective relations how hard they worked for getting there. Nothing wrong with those speeches but to be frank if those kids don't have their backing I don't think Anand and Shivathmika couldn't become movie leads. After the teaser or trailer released in digital media, thousands of trolls made on them for their screen presence and acting. This kind of culture is going on for decades. So Nepotism is it good or bad?

The big culprits or production house of these star kids becoming actors are Mega Family. Only in Mega Family, about seven kids launched as heroes till now. Not only Mega Family every first Telugu industry families produced their products every generation. Some of them become superstars but some of them were still waiting for their first hit like Akhil Akkineni and Allu Sirish. This is not acceptable because it seems like those families are forcing their kids to the audience. Film making is all about creating a beautiful craft. You cant create something with this kind of reservations. I've seen an interview of Rana a few days back that "We star kids been living in this world for our whole life so we can't get in here easily". That is exactly what's wrong with Nepotism, you can't have an easy journey to become a filmmaker or actor or anyone in those 24 crafts. It's all about putting all your efforts and time in to create a baby if you don't put the effort in that it will become a half cooked food. There is so much talent outside the film bubble who are creating wonders with their craft in the digital world. Why can't these film background people launch or encourage them as equal as their star kids?

Yes, we understand film making doesn't need any degree to be in the movie. So if you fail in 10th class(As Rana brags about it every time) you can still be a superstar in this field. It does not point about how high your education is, it's about are you worthy for this field. Let's see a simple example, Anand Devarkonda(brother of Vijay Devarakonda) was doing a job in Deloitte two years back and now out of nowhere he is a lead role in a feature film. I mean there are so many people are struggling for a break in the industry with much more talented than Anand. And whatever be the result of the movie this guy can back a few more releases in coming years and same for every star kid. Not only this upcoming movie Rajdooth hero late actor Srihari's son Meghamsh is just 18 years old to become a hero. It's not fair and good for such actions for the future of our beloved industry. Look what happened to Bollywood star kids products recently. The audience was completely rejecting those projects like most anticipated like Student Of The Year 2. Yes with the experience they can tune themselves as better actors or technicians but we can't bare these products until they become successful. This is 21st century if we want to compete with humongous storytelling like Avengers, Avatar we have let go of this Nepotism and start searching for talent instead of forced launches. Hope this culture stops in our Telugu industry and welcome new talent. 

Written By: Harsha Pagilla

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