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ZACK SNYDER. If someone doesn’t know this name and call themselves a movie buff, they’re possibly lying. And anyone who knows this name trying to convince you he ain’t good are probably insane. Our generation enjoys the benefit of immense luck to be alive in an era of greatly redefined visual effects and 3D experience. Movies have been a virtual window to many new worlds, which were only possible in our imagination and some, not even there. Recollect Avatar, if you watched it on big screens and 3D, I bet there are a lot of moments that drifted you're conscious of the beautiful ‘Pandora’. Zack Snyder is one of those masters of visualizations. Not just that, in his movies, I observed many twisted philosophies that really inspired me into questioning the nature of a story(real or reel) and of characters(real or reel). Of course, some of them are dark and disturbing but it’s nowhere written that entertainment and movie making is confined to pleasantries, our lives sure aren’t. Here is a brief description of my understanding of Snyder’s POV on some of his movies.

Sucker Punch: 

This was the first original concept directed by Zack Snyder. This movie is about a girl(Babydoll) who was falsely imprisoned in a mental institution by her stepfather, trying to escape it with four other similar-fated girls. The beauty of this movie lies in the extreme visualization and the fusion of rock music and action sequences. There are three layers in this movie, the original story is raveled in the 1st layer which we cannot get to see. Instead, we look at a completely different world, something the lead character(Babydoll) is imagining but still entangled with the line of the original story. Snyder didn’t stop there, whenever Babydoll is subjected to extreme conditions in layer 1(which we get to see in layer 2), she drifts into a 3rd layer where all the four girls are powerful and great warriors who fight with monsters for their survival. She fights with Samurais, the Nazi army and a Dragon. The visuals in these sequences remind me of manga anime but they’re made with Vfx, not cartoons. However, the movie failed at the Box office for obvious reasons i.e., viewers brains couldn’t process so much of activity. It was like watching 3 movies when you’re expecting one. However, that doesn’t mean Snyder failed in making the movie. Sucker Punch was a unique movie and it’d be awesome if more movies in this unidentified genre are released. 


Hands down, this is one of the best movies I’ve ever seen or anyone could ever see. If you haven’t watched this movie, that should be the immediate thing on your to-do list. The story and writing are adapted from the Watchmen comics, yet no one could’ve done it better than Snyder in making this movie a masterpiece. Characters like The Comedian, Rorschach, Ozymandias, Dr. Manhattan, and others are very rigorously defined. It was obvious that Dr. Manhattan was the most powerful and greatest character in any superhero universe ever filmed. Every scene with Dr. Manhattan on screen gives me goosebumps for his godly perception of the world and mankind. I truly believe if there’s a god in single form roaming among humankind, he’d make the impression of Dr. Manhattan. Scenes like Comedian killing a Vietnamese pregnant woman and Manhattan not stopping it, Dr. Manhattan’s narration of his origins, Rorschach’s revelation and Ozymandias intellect are pure gold. Another thing that drops our jaws is that Dr. Manhattan narrating everything about his past in present tense reflecting his perception of time and of course leaving Earth to live on Mars. His philosophies on human nature, miracles and life are something to be observed to understand the greatness of the movie. Again. Snyder’s dark and reality-close take of the story put many human minds at work to make this movie undermine at the box office   

“They claim their labors are to build a heaven, yet their heaven is populated with horrors. maybe the world is not made, perhaps nothing is made, a clock without a craftsman”   

 - Dr. Manhattan


“There is no future. There is no past. Do you see? Time is simultaneous, an intricately      

structured jewel that humans insist on viewing one edge at a time when the whole 

design is visible in every facet.”

- Dr. Manhattan                             

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The DC Universe:

Ever Since MCU started in 2008, I always dreamed a DC cinematic universe existed. When Snyder and his team announced a sequel to Man of Steel just before it’s release, with Batman as one of the lead roles, the dream came true for many DC fans. Personally, I was more than excited knowing that Snyder is the creator of this universe. Undoubtedly Man of steel(2013) is the best Superman movie for obvious reasons- advanced Vfx with Snyder’s vision, more intricate details of Superman’s origins right from Krypton, Henry Cavill as Superman and other casts. The deep understanding and personification of Superman’s character made Man of steel a unique superhero movie. Then came Batman V Superman, another masterpiece in the superhero movie franchise. When there is more than one Superhero fighting for a similar cause and yet fighting each other, the director should be careful in justifying the purpose of both the heroes, not to mention satisfying the fans of both Batman and Superman. No other Batman movie in the past has shown Batman so eerie and disturbed, not to mention the dark psyche. If ever batman existed in reality, I believe he would be a perfect reflection of Batman in this movie. Superman’s psyche is already established in the man of steel and he didn’t deviate until his mother is in danger. The fight scene between Batman and Superman was another marvelous scene in this movie. Refer this link to understand the greatness of this scene –

This movie was a decent hit at the box office. however, few people and critics proved we’re just another dumb species by commenting that movie is just okay and lacks entertainment. Next in the line was Wonder Woman(2017) which was unarguably a unique movie with a female Superhero. Zack Snyder didn’t direct Wonder Woman but was one of the producers and a member of story panel. Then came the biggest blunder in the DC cinematic universe- Justice League(2017). Not that it’s a bad movie but it wasn’t the right time and the different approach of management and Snyder’s vision on the movie. There should’ve been separate spin-off movies for Aquaman and Cyborg before Justice League was made. Also, Snyder’s unfortunate family situations made him care less about the movie and so they had to change the director to Joss Whedon. However, Snyder was dishonored by giving the sole credit for directing Justice League while it was carried on so many hands. I truly believe, if Snyder made the movie wholeheartedly, it sure would’ve been another Blockbuster. The movie was a box office bomb for these obvious reasons. 

But the DC and Snyder fans didn’t let it go. Fans understand what went wrong and normally, there is nothing anyone can do about it but when Zack teased his fans releasing some photos from the Snyder-cut, they came to know that Snyder’s version of JL exists. Zack didn’t stop there, he organized a program for his fans for three days where he discussed all his movies and revealed his vision for Justice League. It was so awesome, it was unfathomable for the fans why WB tried to stay away from this masterpiece. So, they started a campaign on social media stating ‘Release the Snyder-cut’ and many people joined in. Some groups even raised money from fans to organize more such campaigns so that they can raise their voice to WB. I think this is one of the most unique moments for the art of filmmaking where fans are fighting full time against a production house for messing up a movie. I really wish  Snyder-cut be released on any platform. #RTSnydercut


Zack Snyder is not just a director, but a godly visionary that should’ve existed in the far future where humanity is better evolved. “We don’t deserve Snyder” is an obvious and true statement but however I keep waiting for him to make more revolutionary movies to inspire future filmmakers. 

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